Low Price Guarantee & Our Practices

Low Price Guarantee, International Order, and Our Business Practices

名人坊 [CelebrityStyle.com.hk] is offering a very wide range of watches for most luxury brands. Please visit our online shop at www.CelebrityStyle.com.hk and have a preview of what we are offering. The primary reason why we carry maybe more brands and products than others is because we work closely with a large number of shops and wholesalers as a group locally and internationally. 


Since we have rich resources and extensive connections to commercial and private network, not only we could deliver most watches but our distinct business nature is to find the rarest timepieces as our best interest. We are your reliable partner you can account for tough projects and missions. 

It is always suggested that customers should contact us for any order or enquiry. You name it, we get it, simple as it is. 

Because we don't need to operate a formal shop at hottest spot in town, we don’t need to support extra salesperson salary and commission, we don’t even need to keep any stock which in return could be a burden overtime, so we will not impose all these costs to our customers. Besides we could always choose the lowest price same watch among the prices offered by our wholesalers. That’s why except for the hottest and overpriced models, we could always guarantee our customers with surprising low price.

We guarantee that our watches are 100% genuine and authentic, or we will fully refund your returned watches. 

We pledge to provide the most sincere and professional attitude, exceptional pre/during/post sales lifetime services to strive for excellence. For after-sales, not only we offer for anytime any way enquiry even in midnight and weekends, but we also guarantee to offer the best executable solution(s) to our customers within ONE BUSINESS DAY. Many of our customers have become our good friends overtime. 

For local customers in Hong Kong and nearby China area, we recommend customers to make prior appointment with us to see our watches. Payment by Cash, wire-transfer, PayPal, Alipay, UnionPay / Visa / Master cards are welcomed. For non-Cash and non-wired payments, there will be transaction charges; therefore, you should specify what kind of payment method you prefer so we could let you know these charges in advance. 

We take care mostly local deals and deliveries, also sometimes to Mainland China as well. 

International Order


      1. The payment is fully prepaid by bank transfer / TT only. 
          2.  We will arrange FedEx, Ferrari (www.FerrariGroup.net) or similar class company to deliver our watch to you. For the avoidance of doubt, we hereby reserve full and all rights to determine which delivery company will handle your order, and as a customer you will be fully responsible for all charges incurred.

            3. Our selling price does not include delivery, insurance, any duty, GST, VAT, tax, etc, it is purely the selling price of the watch according to the description in the offer only.  All other fee / charge will be fully responsible by the customer.  In the case if there is any custom, duty, tax or charge(s) issue with your local custom, you are always fully responsible to clear your custom, pay for it and get the delivery yourself.  

            名人坊 [CelebrityStyle.com.hk] hereby guarantees authenticity of all products sold.  After the product is purchased and received, customer is free to check the product at official brand boutique or service center.  If the product is found with authenticity problem within the FIRST 4 WEEKS of purchase with official report, 名人坊 shall FULLY REFUND the product to the customer.  This is called 包上行in Chinese with equivalent meanings.

            Please feel free to ask how we could trade with you overseas; International exposure, communication and trading have always been our dreams. 

            All of our brand new watches come with original certificate and international factory warranty, and also original box in most cases. In any circumstance you will be fully notified and informed right at the beginning. For pre-owned / vintage / 2nd hand watches, we will try to fully interpret the watch condition the best we can. We believe hiding any detail could only worse off the trade, especially if it is not a local deal in which customers could not physically see and check the real watch. We will support our serious customers even in video if possible because we care for what you want, and we vouch for what you get. A real watch under photography, video-filming, or even under the sea is still the same real watch. We don't mind using different approaches to achieve completely satisfied full pictures of the watch to you. 

            In fact, we have been trading for years. It just that we diversified our trades also online by means of employing O2O (Online-To-Offline) business models since 2014. We sincerely thank you for your continue supports and kind advices to 名人坊. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without you. Striving excellence services to customers has been 名人坊 core mission. Thanks a million to all of you my friends.  



            • 我們只接受在未寄貨前用電匯或銀行轉賬全數支付.

            • 客人需全權委託我們讓我們為客人決定使用哪一間速遞公司例如FedEx, DHL, UPS, Ferrari等去寄運客人的手錶並一定會購買全數保險客人需要負責所有寄運相關和保險之費用.

            • 我們手錶的售賣價錢并不包括任何運費保險費和任何入口稅項和收費如GST, VAT, Tax, Duty 等等如客人牽涉任何這些收費客人則需自行清關及繳交所有相關的費用及處理收件我們一概不會負責.

            • 客人收了手錶之後在一個月內如發現手錶有真偽問題可隨時退回手錶我們即原銀奉還稱為「包上行」保證在香港如行騙販賣假手錶或仿制品即使是海外訂購亦屬嚴重刑事罪行除了立即結業之外有關人等都必須坐牢所以在業的店舖或批發商都必定沒有任何如此記錄憑正式發票或收據即可向客人當地警方求助亦可隨時向香港海關警方及消委會將此等罪行繩之於法.